Ideas for sweet 16 In 2013?!

Question: Ideas for sweet 16 In 2013?
Ok, so I'm playing my sweet 16 way before it is, because my parents are telling me I have too. Ok so, it will be in 2013 January 12 and quite late evening. It will be a saturday. I don't have a big budget, but my parents have connections with a guy who's gonna lend me out a hall with a bowling alley. I want it to be silver themed, but I'm stuck with things like decorations (Silver and black), Entertainment (I want a singer or a band but their to expensive), Cake ideas, and how to make it not look like a crap hall kids party, help?


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Jeez! it's only 2010! YOU might not be around in 2013............... just saying!!

they are not their!

lots of sweet 16 ideas here:…

Wow, that is advanced planning. I would suggest you start looking online at ideas, go to party stores and browse, and go to your local library and look at magazines and books on party planning.

Find elements that you like. Then think of ways you can get the same look without it costing a ton. for example, if you wanted nice linens on the tables that your food will be on (it REALLY helps to have nice linens on tables, even in a casual location.) but you cannot afford silver or black fabric cloths, you could go to thrift stores and find black sheets, then go to the fabric store (with a coupon...sign up online for them!) and get some very inexpensive silver toole (the stuff wedding veils are made out of, but with bigger spacing) and then you can put the sheets on the tables with the silver toole over them. That with some candles on top in cheap glass hurricanes or vases (from wal-mart , a craft store, or thrift store) with pretty stones in the bottom (dollar tree sells these) , add low lighting and you would have a really nice, very inexpensive table topper. Remember, low lighting can make things seem more serene, and cleaner, and more elegant.

Have fun in two plus years! :)

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