How to throw a bday party?!

Question: How to throw a bday party?
I will be turning 23 and am thinking of inviting some people from my grad program for a "bday party." Does anyone have any suggestions? Here are some key notes:
1.) I expect about 20 people.
2.) Most of them are aged 24 and older. No one will be younger than me.
3.) It's possible that 2/3 of the people will be female. I am male.
4.) An option is to throw the party at my house (I'm residing with my parents). The benefit of this is that it's a large house and has adequate space for 20 people. The downside is it's 30min from my university and a lot of people do not have cars on campus (I'd have to organize for them to get here, and back...)
5.) Another option, obviously, is to have the party closer to campus.
6.) What is a "party," anyways? At this age, is it normal just to have dinner and some drinks and talk?
7.) Another option, if we are at the house, is to play music... Although I'm worried this will turn out weird... There is enough space to have a mini-dance, but it's just that... Are people really going to start dancing? Probably not.

Any tips/suggestions would be appreciated! I have not thrown a real party since I turned 14, so if anyone can tip me off on how people around my age organize parties in general, let me know!


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Party Bus! Have it take you and your party of 20 to dinner, then off to the best bars/lounges/clubs in town. Lots of fun, not that expensive, mobile!!

Look into renting a hall
Darla S

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