Would older people/ audlts enjoy this party?!

Question: Would older people/ audlts enjoy this party?
Its Alice In Wonderland themed, for my 15th bday. even though my bday is this November, were heading down to puerto rico to celebrate in March.

I have no idea where we are celebrating it, id rather it be a tent, but i heard those can cost upto 10,000 bucks, so it might either end up being in a room, or, at my sisters house which has a pool.

no matter where we are going to have it, id like to incorperate these ideas:
A poker/card table
2 chess tables
a crouquet game somewhere.
if i have it at my sisters house, id like flowers, and flowers petals in many differant colors foalting in the pool
i want hanging lanterns, and maybe lights if i decide to have it at night
i want a "mirror" entrance, so imgoing to hand silver strings in the door way to the entrance, or losts of tule fabric.
i want a cake table, with a purple cloth. i want a topsy turvey wimsical cake, and one dozen cupcakes in vanilla, a dozen in chocalte, and a dozen in red velvet. all decorated with things having to do with wonderland. and cookies over the table too. and then glitter sprinkled around things.
i want an autograph book. so im thinking of setting up a desk near a wall, with a sign book, and having the words "why is a raven like a writing desk" writen on the wall
i want ballon arches in neon colors
i want thos pinweel fans around certain places
id have fingur food as things to eat
i want colored candle everywhere, and i want fluffy thingsw hanging on random places.
this way that way signs everywhere
rabbit footsteps on the floor
potions type things saying drink me, but filled with coolaid
a place or bench with pillows, idk why, it just seems ool and differant

and i want a wonderland backdrop, so people can take pictures if they want.

and id give out random hats too.

there will be music, but other than that i have no idea what else were gonna do.....

alcohol will be given aswell, but for adults, my mom will be closley monitoring everything.

its mainly for family, most of my family is older, so the adults will range from 25, to 60. the kids are my neices and nephews which range from 3 months old to 14. and then my brothers and sister that are 17 to 26.


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Sounds like it could be a fun time.
It is all about the people and the family energy there.
If your energy it up, then those around you will also be apt to go up and a fun time will be had by all.

I'm 52 and I would LOVE this party.It will bring out the child in all of your guests.Great ideas by the way.I am a Chef,party planner,and you hit the target on this one.Have a WONDERFUL time.

You have given this a lot of thought, that is good. You have so many options you are bound to have something for everyone. Have a great birthday and many more. Via con Dios.

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