Where should I take my daughter for a birthday dinner?!

Question: Where should I take my daughter for a birthday dinner?
My daughter is turning 15 years old on November 1st. We want to take her out to eat for her birthday. We live in Las Vegas, Nevada and want to take her to eat at one of the hotels. She LOVES chocolates and all types of desserts. She wants to eat a lot but still at a sort of fancy place. We have been looking at some of the restaurants but she can't seem to choose. Any recommendations or sites that will help her choose. She likes taking quizzes. So a site that has a quiz is also good.


I've heard the Seafood Buffet at The Rio is one of the best and I think it's not overly expensive (maybe $22?). I haven't eaten there but I know a lot of my friends always talk about that buffet.

Good luck.

All of the hotels have wonderful restaurants, and alot to choose from, I think that you cant go wrong where ever you go to eat in Vegas as they all what to have great food
Darla S

the cheesecake factory.

To Applebees or Outback!!!

Does she have a preference? I'd go where she wants to go.

a nice pizza joint,cheese cake factory


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