I need 14th birthdday partay ideas please! any help is appreciated!?!

Question: I need 14th birthdday partay ideas please! any help is appreciated!?
ok so theres about 30 people on my invite list. but what should i do?
should it be like a dance party?
or should it be like a giant chill party? where we just hang out or play games?
or a movie hang out night?
or any other fun suggestions?
or all of these combined?
im so confused!
well anyway, which ever one of these i do pick, how can i make sure all my guests are entertained. This is my first like real big party and i don't want it to be a let down. what are some tips to make it memorable? any parties you've been to that have been really fun? tell me about them!
thank you so much! :]


I think for 30 people you should combind all of that together.
When everyone comes
Hang out and chill for a little
Start some good music and let everyone get comfotable
Have the dance
Then u can end off with a good movir
Thuis way every1 e\willl be tired out and ready to relax.
But instead of going home they could watch a good movie at ur house.
If i were u i wouldnt go anywhere with 30 people because it could get chaotic :)
stay home have fun..
u cud also have a dinner party then a dance.
Depends on your age groups i guess :)
good luck hope i helped a little

I'm 14
my mom did something similar.
ive bin to older parties with the same method
Adults recomend it to me and i tried it, Its fun!

Have a Cinco De Mayo Party! They are so great.

EDIT:: I forgot the link, so sorry!

How about a camp out party in your back yard with a bbq and a dunk tank. Then you can also have your dance theme and games
Darla S

Is it male or female or both? A bowling party will take care of either, and serve dogs, chips, and cake. Party done.

what about a skating rink? Or bowling. It has music food, and fun.

Look here and choose one of the party themes:

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