What are some ideas for decorations, food, etc, for a Hobo Party?!

Question: What are some ideas for decorations, food, etc, for a Hobo Party?
I'm having a hobo themed birthday party. What could I serve, how could I serve it, how should I decorate, all that jazz.


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As a funny first impression, stick a cardboard box in your front yard that say's, let's say... "Moe's house" or something. You can also toss some glass bottles around it for a touch of drunken hobo realism! Serve food in styrofoam to-go containers as though they are restaurant left overs given to them by some kind stranger. You could also have a game where your guest bob for items out of a trash can ( A CLEAN NEW TRASH CAN OF COURSE, CONTAINING NO ACTUAL TRASH JUST NEW CLEAN THINGS! ) Players get one minute to bob, and whoever gets the designated item wins!
Or make certain items worth so many points and whoever collects the items with the most total points wins!
You could also adopt cats from a local shelter to help give it a real back ally hobo feel...but that's only if you're reeeeealy into the whole idea. JK!
Hope this helps you!

Hey, I really like Hobo parties. Menu: hot dogs cooked over a fire, some mores, chips and punch or hot chocolate served in coffee cups. Decorate with signs such as; train crossing, 100 miles to____, Keep Out, Danger! Stay off Tracks and No Trespassing. Have newspaper for the table cloth, paper plates and no forks. One fun activity is when the guest arrive at the door they each have to beg for their meal. Have fun and don,t forget your stick with a handkerchief filled with whatever. You carry it over your shoulder.

boxes since hobos have to often sleep in boxes and benches if you can find any and spread news paper out every where and get some barrels like the ones they put fires in but don't put a fire in it if your inside lol. also make hobo packs if your serving heavy food not just snacks. its where you bake a piece of meat cut up potato and what ever else veggies you want in it. look it up online takes a few mins prep but bakes then you serve it in the foil you baked it in.

Put out ingredients for your guests to make their own HOBO meal. Potatoes, onions, peppers, carrots, etc. Mix it all in foil, spice as needed and cook over fire. Spices can include s@p, garlic, salsa, whatever you have handy. We did this as boy scouts.

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