Non-alcoholic Halloween Party for 20-somethings?!

Question: Non-alcoholic Halloween Party for 20-somethings?
I am 21 and want to throw a Halloween party this year, perhaps a costume party. However, I want it to be alcohol free and need some ideas for what to do. Thanks!


In throwing an alcohol free party for Halloween you have set yourself a challenge that few try, but here are some good tips that may make it successful.

1. You and a friend can make a guest list that does not include people that are considered to be regular drinkers or alcoholics, but just in case be prepared for those people arriving intoxicated already or sneaking in something for themselves. HINT: Invite people that most of the guest respect and get that person to agree not to drink, invite people you know that don't drink as there is power in numbers. If most people are not drinking then there will be less reason to drink.

2. Be clear that it is a non-alcoholic party. Do this by placing it on the invitation and reminding them when greeting the guests as they arrive. This will avoid somebody bringing some pot luck alcohol to the party as his contribution.

3. Find a reason that there is no alcohol allowed: Neighbors, Parents, Public or private place that does not allow alcohol drinking or drunkenness in the area.

4. Make it a themed event. Have people dressed as a certain theme like mystery murder, scavenger hunt night, space invaders, Movie monsters etc. then award prizes to the best costume , worse costume, hand out door prizes, raffles,Halloween trivia, best imitation of a scary noise. As long as you keep the party fun and interesting people will have less reason to turn to drinking to relieve the tension and boredom. In short give your guest plenty of activities and games in fact you can make those games and activities revolve around your party's theme.

5. Music is a must. To fill in the empty periods dancing is needed at any party I go to, so pick your music tactfully and carefully. Go with songs that will keep guest interested not just music you like. If you got the cash or the connections to a local DJ or live band ( live bands always a hit) ask them to play for your party.

6. Food and Drinks. Well you are worried about drinking, so come up with a alternative drink not just plain old water and sodas. non-alcoholic cocktails (Mocktials)( just Google it ) will provide guest something else to drink. Teas from around the world, something that has color or texture or a fizzle that is not alcoholic, but tastes good [ try getting people into it by having them mix they own blend of drink and have it judged] , try health drinks or smoothies something that they don't find at most parties.

7. Cameras or a camcorder. Strange as it seems I slide shows interesting and movies. With these new sites such as facebook, twitter , myspace, youtube. Around people can post things online that a lot of friends and family can view around the world. In Fact if you where to make it know that somebody will be taking videos and/or pictures to post on such sites or other internet sites to share with friends family. Trust me who wants to show grandma or the hot girl or guy that they trying to how do you say it hook up with that they where complete jerks or threw up in the punch bowl at a party, well not me it is scary what can get shown. In fact it is a good thing since next year you can have a slide show of it and they will never live it down.

8. have watchers - people that look for trouble starting and can cut it off before it begins, also can look for people drinking and escort them out of the party

A murder mystery would be so fun. Tell everyone they're invited for a Halloween dinner party or even a regular party. Before hand you pick who the "victim" is and who the suspects are and they play along.You can even have some of the suspects get "killed" off so they are eliminated. Either tell the guests ahead of time that its a murder mystery paty or make the victims look fake or you might end up scaring people too much

costume competition
soda and or coffee/tea
play games, cards, board games, computer games, do you have Wii?
Folks will entertain themselves.
That game where everyone write the name of a famous person or charater passes the card to the next person who can not look at it and you all stick them to your forehead and you have to ask questions to find out who you are
am I fictional
am I white
am I old
am I nosy
am I miss marple
am I mrs pollifax

You'll find some ideas to use in this halloween party guide:…

bobbing for apples
costume contest


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