childrens party ideas?!

Question: Childrens party ideas?
My daughter is 5 soon i normally hire the wacky warehouse or something similar but this year she has started school so there is going to be 30+ children and iam thinking about hiring a hall and doing a party there. I was considering getting a disco? a face painter and maybe a entertainer but the thing is im not to sure about it and also think i need something for the children to do when they first arrive can anybody help me out all ideas would really highly appreciated x x


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buy some cheap toilet rolls and let them bind each other up as Egyptian mummies!

well your since she is in school now she might want to try something that her and her friends will like. she probably will give you ideas along the way. buht some ideas would be creating a theme. have the children dress up. Or if the party will be all girls, do a princess theme. the hall would be great for that. you can have them a jammie party. (kids love thier jammies) theylle fieel more comfortable and can run freely. the enertanier would be great, because then the children can be occupied.. they will love the face painting.( a day to play withpaint with out getting yelled at.. theyll be really happy..) its how you think about things remember she is turning five thats the age when almost everythin excites them. shee would love any thing you do for her.. GOOD LUCK:)

okay, so i was 5 once...heheh,
and kids like to enjoy themselves...
i would hire a big hall, and maybe a magician, face painter and yeah i disco would be good.
At the start, maybe let the kids just have a run around whilst everyone gets there OR let your daughter open her prezzies :)

hope it all goes well xo

i was 5 a looooooooong time ago :)X

Go with a theme! Halloween is always a winner. Have them wear costumes and let them all vote for a couple best costumes, bob for apples or some sort of candy or something that kids like better than apples ;) you could play spooky music and have like a Monster Mash Disco or something lol. just one idea but you get the picture

Look here for party ideas for any age group:…

i still say bouncy castle!

yeah i agree with you

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