what kind of appetizers should I serve with margaritas?!

Question: What kind of appetizers should I serve with margaritas?
I'm having a bunch of girls over for margarita night and was curious about what kind a food should I serve. I was thinking nachos, any other suggestions?


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chicken skewers
bean dip

Nachos are great. Here's a few:

-Petite roasted potatoes stuffed with chopped green chile, potatoes, asadero cheese and chorizo
Take little cream potatoes, cut them in half. Take a melon baller and scoop out the middle. Take the middle section of the potatoes, toss them in a bowl with diced green chile pre cooked chorizo sausage (diced, drained and crumbled). Place a scoop inside the potato halves, place on a baking sheet and top with asadero cheese. half, brush with olive oil and bake them. (Note: All of this can be done the night before). Bake at 375 for about 10-15 min. or until the cheese is nicely melted.

-Baja Style Shrimp
Marinate 2 dozen shrimp (cleaned, peeled, deveined, butterfly cut) in 1 T. tequila, 1/4 C. fresh lime juice, sea salt & pepper, 1 chopped jalapeno. Place the shrimp on a broiler pan and cook at 375 for about 7 min. or until the shrimp is done. These can also be grilled if you prefer.

Take 4 large ripe avocados, remove the fruit from the seed placing it all in a bowl. Add in some garlic salt and garlic powder, 1 finely chopped tomato, 1 small finely chopped white onion. Take a fork and mash everything together. A squeeze of lime juice is optional. Serve with warm tortilla chips.

-Black bean quesadillas
Take some flour tortillas and sprinkle shredded cheese on them, top off with a spoonful of canned black beans (drained). Fold in half and pan fry or run under the broiler until the cheese is nicely melted.

I'm a personal chef.

You might want to separate out the components... like tortilla chips with salsa, guacamole, a refried or black bean dip and queso for dipping. Then maybe some cocktail shrimp (seafood is great with the lime that's in the margaritas.) You could also get a big box of those little taquitoes - those are nice finger food.

Here's a good site for Mexican appetizer recipes - anything on there would go well with your Margaritas: http://www.mexgrocer.com/mexican-recipes…

Salsa is so easy to make. It's all blender work. So, I would do a salsa bar of Pico di Gallo, Mango, Corn, Black bean, etc. And very inexpensive to make too!

Good luck.

MMM. Well perhaps; mini quesadillas, mini tequitos, nachos or chips with an amazing dip, jalepeno poppers.

Shrimp cocktail.
Mini carne asada tacos served with onions and cilantro on top.

Something Mexican-ish like jalapeno poppers, or mini enchiladas.

dips fruit salad

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