What are some orange and black colored finger foods that I can server to kids at a halloween party?!

Question: What are some orange and black colored finger foods that I can server to kids at a halloween party?
I have been trying to come up with some simple ideas for orange and black finger foods to serve to kids at a Halloween party that we are having. There will be kids from age 1.5 up to 12 and I would like to have a few options of each color. So far I am thinking Cheetos and baby Carrots... but that is all I am really happy with... I dont want to do black berries cause they stain, and no Ho Hos cause we are going to be having cup cakes for dessert. Any ideas??? Please!


This page has tons of halloween food, and scroll to the bottom for a list of orange and green foods.

How about tangerine/mandarin orange slices, black licorice, black olives
Maybe make a black bean dip so they can dip the baby carrots in it.

Sweet potato french fries that you bake yourself in the oven. White sour cream can be another dip for that.

I'm making myself hungry-good luck!

salsa with black beans and orange bell peppers

black bean tortilla chips

sweet potato chips

Monster eye balls (top 1-inch carrot stubs with a 1/2 tsp. cream cheese and half of a pitted black olive)


Well in one of the episodes of Home Improvement, Jill had some good ideas. She had some puss that was pudding I think. She used grapes for eyeballs. She also had something else, not sure what. It's been a while since, I saw the episode.

carrotts cupcakes orange jello

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