Invited people over for party.?!

Question: Invited people over for party.?
So my sister, me and our dad just moved to lake havasu. And our dad had to go to chicago for a conference. So we invited about 60 people that go to our school that live by the lake to come over to our house. We don't know how to have a good party. We were thinking about taking our pontoon boat out and having a couple other people bring there boats out and having a party out on the lake. But I don't ink people would like it if we told them they had to wear life jackets the whole time.

I just wounding if the whole party thing is a good idea.


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Sounds like a plot for a horror movie.

I once went to a party on a lake. Except we weren't in boats, we just had to tread water the whole time. It was a great workout and I was sick, but leeches managed to suck out my illness. It was an all around positive experience; you should consider it for this wild lake rager you plan on throwing.

I am very excited to attend, thank you!! Even though we do not know each other yet, I think this party will be a fun experience and we will be great friends. I will bring one life jacket, one wetsuit, and one scuba mask. We can share!

In my own expirience, I just notice that teenagers like really really loud music and food.:D

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