Idea's for a birthday party in my garage!?!

Question: Idea's for a birthday party in my garage!?
I am having a garage party in november, don't worry i have heaters:-D I am intending to invite about 20 people and need some idea's of what to do. I will have music and food but I want to do something more unique and fun. Post any idea's you think of. Thanks.x :-)


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Teagan I like your answer!

Maybe you could do a themed party like Hollywood and you could use a projector to watch a movie on the wall??

Say if you did a movie like Scar Face everyone could dress Mob themed, or an 80's movie and everyone dress in 80's style.

This is what Im doing for my party this year
Things to buy:
Black lights (at least one in every corner of the room)
Glow in the dark body paint (like in the black eyed peas video ((I gotta feeling))
Glow in the dark decorations (put it all over)
Automatic bubble blower
Glow in the dark bubbles
And glow in the dark party favors

And voila a awesome glow in the dark themed party!!!!

oh and if there are any windows cover them with a dark, thick fabric

I use this website Shindigz that has some cute ideas for transforming rooms into great and interesting party rooms....

It might give you some good ideas for transformer your garage.

Good luck.


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