What foods to have at an L.A. themed party?!

Question: What foods to have at an L.A. themed party?
My friends and I are in charge of putting together a L.A. themed Mixer, and we already have sparkling cider in champagne glasses, and sushi but I can't think of any other 'L.A.' foods. The mixer is next saturday!



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I'm in L.A. and we are multicultural like another poster wrote.

But, if you want something totally California - then you have to go "In-N-Out Burger". So, it's a very limited menu (and there's a secret menu too) but it would be:

Double Double with Cheese (double meat, double cheese) - and then there's 3x3's, 4x4's, etc.
Animal Style Cheeseburger (regular made In-N-Out cheeseburger but with grilled onions and pickles)
Animal Style Fries (yukon gold french fries with 1000 Island dressing, grilled onions and melted cheese)
Neapolitan Shakes (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla shake layered)

Oh, and then of course Mexican food is huge here...do a taco/nacho/burrito bar.

CPK - California Pizza Kitchen (they have "different" gourmet pizza toppings. You can do a web search and see what I'm talking about topping-wise

Oh, got a different suggestion for you - on that "sushi" how about candy sushi if you don't want to do fish sushi? They have websites that show you how to do sushi but with candy products. Just in case you have non-fish people.

Good luck.

well, i guess you got 2 go w/ Mexican. You could do Sushi but it might be expensive. Or, you could do Chinese. LA is very multi-cultural. You could do Mexican, Guatemalan, or even Armenian or Greek. Armenian you have Pachlavah, (Greek is Baklava), and Armenian you have various cheeses, meats, pastries, and so on, and so on.

Good luck with the mixer. Make sure that U can post it on the internet, if U can, so lots of people will attend.

Its full of many cultures!
Black, mexicans, whites. . .
All types of fooods :)

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