What are some up-beat songs to party to? :D?!

Question: What are some up-beat songs to party to? :D?
My friend just turned 16 and she wants me to go hang out around town in her new car. So I told her I would make a CD for her so we could have fun and party! haha. But anyways, I've only got 2 songs on my list so far. Which are "Like a G6" because it's upbeat and makes me want dance, and "She said" by Stephen Jerzak. There both up-beat and fun to listen too. But I need more...So any suggestions? Thanks! :D


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nirvana - smells like teen spirit
dracula's holy pupil and r & r / im not sure of the artist but i find it pretty awsome for a party
just about any song by rise against
it really depends on your tastes in music but if you like rock you could try nickeback
if you like something a bit more metal you could try cancerbats
and for heavy/deathmetal i would suggest somoen like amon amarth
mastadon is metal but there pretty good if your into metal
and if your into oldschool you could try lynyrd skynyrd or ac dc
salivas pretty good and some of there music is a little rock combind with some hip hop in it
i hope this helps a little im not big on rap or hip hop so i cant help you there but i hope you find what your looking for

Either "Animal I Have Become" or "Riot" by Three Days Grace
Or "Falling Apart" by Zebrahead

Hope this helps!

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