food for my party; suggestions?!

Question: Food for my party; suggestions?
well, my birthday is coming up and i dont know what i should serve for a party similar to a rave? my mom is getting a ton of monster and im making rainbow cupcakes but other than that i dont know what to get? there will be about 15 to 2o people.


depends on if you want finger food or a whole meal.
finger food for later
meal if the party starts before 8PM would be a good rule of thumb

Finger food
there are tons of frozen appetizers available at the grocery store that you just pop onto cooking trays and heat up. these are easy, tasty and hot appetizers are always classy

you can have something that keeps well on a warmer like meatballs and ziti , with a salad and rolls

you could go the sandwich route. I have made an impressive tower of sandwiches by getting 2 inch round rolls and making ham & cheese, tuna salad, turkey and cheese, and roast beef sandwiches. then I get the largest platter I have and stack the sandwiches into a pyramid. Serve with potato salad and chips. Don't forget bowls of condiments like ketchup, mustard, mayo.

Pull pork sandwiches
Sub sandwiches
Finger sandwiches
Bbq/Fried/Spicy Chicken wings
Chips & Dip or Rotel
Pasta Salad

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pizza sandwich

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