what to bring for team snack???? HELP?!

Question: What to bring for team snack???? HELP?
my son plays football and i have to bring snacks for the team monday i have no idea what to bring. i guess the other moms will want a healthy snack. idk does anyone has any suggestions for a snack that will be a hit with the boys and the moms????????


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Orange slices in little baggies, fruit gummi packs, Capri Sun or other juice box, Fruit Roll Ups....

For after the game Rice Krispie Treats.

Those were what I remember from my days playing soccer.

ahh you you wanna bring them some snacks for the munchies..

ok ok well first.. you should get them some Doritos. everyone knows that doritos taste good.

you also got to bring them waffles.. these will help them defeat the munchies..

bring plenty of water. or more specifically, bring them red kool aid.

and don't forget to bring them pizza to fully satisfy the never ending munchies..

good luck.

Apple slices and peanut butter.


Cheese and crackers.

Celery and peanut butter.

Granola bars.

Yogurt cups.

cheese and crackers!!! banana muffins! plain popcorn with a bit of salt, um water, JUICE! and uhh trail mix, hahaha MINI MEATBALLS with toothpicks poked in them! =D

water and some low calorie wheat thins


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