Holiday dinner too similar to daughters bday party food?!

Question: Holiday dinner too similar to daughters bday party food?
im planning on making red beans & rice, sweet corn bread, devilded eggs, honey glazed ham, mac and cheese collard greens, glazed sweet potatos and patato salad. her bday party is on the 24th of october. i was thinking this is too similar to all the holiday meals lilke thanksgiving and christmas? what do you think? Also does this seem like a big enough variety for 25 people? I cant spend too much more that ingrediants for what i listed but additional foods are appreciated


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You could also make some sweet potato bread…

Instead of honey glazed ham you could try a more party friendly protein like andouille sausage kebabs or smoked bbq brisket served with warm flour tortillas.

Other side dishes: Green bean casserole w/fried onion straws.

could do fried chicken or turkey instead.
you have a lot of starches, replace the potato salad with a bean or lettuce one

Instead of the ham I'd do chicken or a pot roast.

ham rice grenns beans bread ccorn

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