Considering moving to Calgary and going to SAIT to get bartending license with best friend, any experience?!

Question: Considering moving to Calgary and going to SAIT to get bartending license with best friend, any experience?
I turn eighteen next September and I want to leave my small hometown and go to SAIT for bartending school, or somewhere to get my licensing, I'd be moving down with quite a bit of money, getting an apartment with my best friend. Thinking northwest because thats wheree the school is, Im just wondering how things would work down there being a bartender, I was wondering what the wages/tips were like, are two bartenders able to live in a apartment and have much spending money? Is it hard to get a bartending job there?


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My name is Paige and I’m a professional bartender. I wanted to be a bartender when I watched the movie “Cocktail” with my mom. Tom Cruise was so cool and I thought, “I could do that.” I had seen an advertisement on television for bartending schools and wondered if I should attend Bartending School. I started researching various schools for bartending and talked to bartenders in my area and very quickly found out that taking bartending courses and bartending classes is a complete waste of time and money.

Few bartending jobs require that their bartenders attend a bartending school. There may be a few exceptions to the bar school rule such as higher end casinos or some hotels. The majority of bars don’t care if you’ve taken a bar course. They want to know you can smile, be pleasant to work with, and that you can get along with customers.

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