food n drank for my party on halloween?!

Question: Food n drank for my party on halloween?
aight aight so here we go. halloween (oct 31) is justa round the corner n im havin a party for me n my boys. i wanna make some bomb food, but still good. what are some good things i can start bakin now for my party on halloween? i wanna have the best food n drank. thanks i do appreciate.


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I went to a halloween party once and the food was brilliant.

There were things like mini sausages with a cocktail stick and a label sticking out of the bowl reading "dead mans toes" and there was a green jelly with fake eye balls in it. They made a strawberry punch and made it really red with food colouring so it looked like blood, potato salad was named witches brains......there was also fake spiders etc laying on top of the food.

have fun x

Just mix together some stuff and give it stupid names. Maybe that could be a game.…

Hi man your question sounds you are going to spend a gala time. But for a proper arrangement search Halloween's different catering service providers.

candied apples, chicken wings, garlic bread, mexican dip, chips.
drank: alcohol.. soda.

For drinks Orange Sherbert punch!!! Get some orange sherbet ice cream and a bottle of Sprite and mix them. I say do 2 things of Ice cream and 2 Sprites.

Have FUN!

Just get a couple family meals from KFC. It's more convenient and there is hardly any cleanup.

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