can you get in trouble for being at a drinking party if you don't drnk?!

Question: Can you get in trouble for being at a drinking party if you don't drnk?
I'm afraid my friends might want to go to a party and if we go and it gets busted by the cops can I get in trouble even if I don't drink any?


Best Answer - Chosen by Voters are present where alcohol is being served.
It's the same as being with someone who is shoplifting. You are an accessory to the fact.

No, you wont. Or say, eventually you wont. Police and other law enforcement agents know very well that in any/every party there are people who may not participate in group activities, whether it is doing illegal drugs or drinking alcohol or else..

So don't be afraid, and enjoy the party.

My experience

Yes you can if you are ate a party and the cops show up they can charge you. but it's only a misdemeanor. and sometimes the cop will just make you wait for someone to pick you up, depending on the cop. i dont remember what the charge is but you can ask cha cha. just text your question to 242-242.

Yes...You will get in trouble.But it can depend
If your underage you will definitely get in trouble.
If your friend is underage and you give them alcohol you will be caught
and if there is a child present with underage drinking. That's just asking for trouble.

Yes, you can still get in trouble.
But to pick the lesser of two evils, you'll get in trouble for being there, not for drinking.

People are missing the key point. It has to do with AGE! If you are underage yes you can indeed get in trouble.

No, we must respect everybody tastes...including yours,

Yep, this i know lol

no you will not

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