tacos for 25 teenage girls?!

Question: Tacos for 25 teenage girls?
how much hamburg taco shells etc should i buy


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I would go 1/4 lb. to 1/2 per person on the meat, so that would be 6 to 12 1/2 lbs. Somewhere in there. And tacos usually have cheese, tomatoes, etc. so I guess based on that I would go 10 lbs. of meat and that should be plenty for 25 girls to have tacos (you'll be able to get 2-3 per person out of 10 lbs. of meat).

Now, if it's very fatty ground beef, go with a full 12 lbs., but if it's very lean, go with 10 lbs.

Taco shells - get about 60 (probably 30 soft, 30 crispy) and get 10 lbs. of shredded cheese, 6 lbs. tomatoes,. 2 heads of chopped up lettuce).

Good luck.

I would buy a combination of soft and hard tacos about 30 each fry up about 35 lbs of ground turkey and a couple large containers of other toppings and about two heads of lettuce and 5 lbs of shredded cheese

Well, look at the recipe for say, 4 people then add the appropriate amount. :)


well maybe everyone would want 2each so just buy like 50

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