what can i cook for my sons 3rd birthday party?!

Question: What can i cook for my sons 3rd birthday party?
I want simple recipes and also food that children will eat!! Please suggestions


-Chopped hotdogs wrapped in biscuit dough, for little pigs in a blanket, served with ketchup for dipping
-Mac & Cheese with bacon or hot dogs chopped in it
-fruit shiskabobs with pieces of melon, strawberry, grapes,bananas and apple
-mini chicken burgers
-potato skins
-mini cupcakes
-order pizza (or make it), and cut into bite-size pieces, skewer on toothpicks and arrange on platter
-crackers & cheese cubes, cold cut tray
-individual meatloaves baked in a mini cupcake pan, topped with ketchup
-mozza sticks & chicken nuggets
-cut up fruit with yogurt dip
-burgers and dogs cut up and served with sauces for dipping, (ketchup, mustard, bbq sauce, plum sauce)
Finger foods with dips are going to be the most fun & easy for them, and plus bite size foods look so cute!

I always make this dip for parties, the kids love it, aswell as the adults! Get a long skinny tray or serving dish and spread Philadelphia cheese over it. Then spoon over some tomatoe salsa (a jar is good enough), then sprinkle grated cheddar cheese over it and top with chopped spring onions. Serve it with tortilla chips. Yummy :-) And very addictive!!

Family recipe

as a sure hit to kids would be pasta, cake or other sweets as kids love sweets

try the hershey's "perfectly chocolate" chocolate cake.. its very simple and it will be a blast for kids..


Grilled cheese sandwiches.
Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
Hot dogs.
Chicken nuggets.
Corn dogs.
Apple slices.
Baby carrots.


chicken strips with mac & cheese. fruit punch.

grillied hot dogs salad punch pie fruit

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