I need 13th Birthday Party Ideas!?!

Question: I need 13th Birthday Party Ideas!?
My birthday is on October 29. So its pretty cold, and I want like 20ish people to come. I want to have a "main party" Then like 5-7 girls spend the night at my house. SO and Ideas? this i s a boy girl party. ha. no boys will be spending the night. Thanks.


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you can just buy a whole bunch of chips, cake, cookies, watch movies (good ones). if you have a big tv do that. or put some music on and order some pizza. there always has to be food. but maybe inviting over 20 ish people is too much don't you think maybe invite 12 ish 20 seems like alot don't you think. Not unless you have a huge house then its fine. when you let the other girls stay over just talk or what are you friends into. if they're into things like make up and beauty treatments make kind of after party theme for that. Don't forget to get decorations. also another thing if you are inviting all of those people make sure they're responsible you don't want to have them breaking or stealing things do you. only invite those who you trust.

for the sleep over since its so close to Halloween you should get a whole bunch of scary movies.
also yall could bring your customs and try them on and put on eachothers make up that would look good with the custom.
my scary movie list
all the saw movies (thats deffintally scary well for me)
the newest friday the 13th movie
the newest night mare on elm street
freddy vs. jason
paranormal activity (not really scary i found it kind of stupid actually)
all the final destinations i thought were pretty good
some of the less scary movies
when a stranger calls
one missed call
shutter island
the unborn
the uninvited

thats all i got

OMG! We have the same Birthday :D But I am a little older.
I think you should have lots of dancing and maybe a movie or two, but do that last as a wind down.

Not really helpful I know but...

Good Luck and have a great time!

I would have an outdoor Bar-B-Q at the park with stuff like sports games music and food of course. Just a cool get together with everyone and then go back home for the sleepover.

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