I'm throwing a small teen party, help?!

Question: I'm throwing a small teen party, help?
Okay, I'm throwing a very small (about 6-8 people max) party, just a simple party, not a birthday or anything like that. The problem is I don't know if I should theme it, like "Spa Party" or something of that nature. But not all my friends are into Spas, I was considering a Legally Blonde Movie themed party, and we could watch the movie and do home-made-trivia and then manicures and pedicures and pizza afterward's or something

The more I think about how to theme the party it gets harder to choose, I'm 19 and my friends come from different "stereotypes" (not saying they're all stereotypical, but yea...)

The one thing I DON'T want is Twilight, It gets too crazy and although all my friends agree on it I don't like it, it's way over done and that's all the parties are now- so I need a classic fun party... any suggestions?

Should I do a Scavenger Hunt or something? (if so advice on how-to-create)

p.s. my house is pretty small and my parents will probably want us to stay in a limited area (plus we don't have much money to spend)


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i think you should have one of those teen movie party's you do your nails and stuff (you can watch twilight) and talk about who you like on there (JACOB(:) and how stupid bella is and things like that and your just wearing PJ's you know? I've always wanted to try it but i haven't really gotten a chance also you can by this hot wax thing and what you do is like put your hands in it and then the wax gets all hard around it and then you peel it off and your hands are smooth as heck.
also you can just watch a bunch of scary movies while you do it (like all the friday the 13ths, night mare on elm street i don't know if you like saw but i find that to be like extremely scary you could watch some less scary like one missed call, when a stranger calls, shutter)
but those are just what I would do
remember don't try TO hard to impress just have fun:D

Go on eBay and search for a cheap copy of "how to host a murder" and think about that. It's a little murder mystery and tells you what food to make. Everyone can come in costumes and get paired up in "couples".

Do a zombie theme party,scene it's close to Halloween kind of.

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