What size marquee for sale should i buy for a twenty first birthday party?!

Question: What size marquee for sale should i buy for a twenty first birthday party?
I need a marquee for sale for a party of about twenty to forty people. The party is for a twenty first birthday and i need a marquee tent big enough to hold that many people standing or sitting down. It will be erected in the backyard which my Dad measured out the space which is about ten meters by ten meters.
Will I be able to fit a marquee for sale big enough to cater for that many people in the space I mentioned. It would be good if the twenty first birthday marquee had some windows and is easy to install for say two people putting it up?


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The best sized marquee for sale would be a 6 meter by 3 meter marquee tent. You could comfortably fit 40 people into one that size and still have room for a few tables and about 20 chairs. if the party is during the day and it is hot then remove the marquee walls to make it cooler but still shady from the harsh sun.


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