what fun food can i bring to my chemistry class?!

Question: What fun food can i bring to my chemistry class?
I'm having a class party, and for extra credit I can bring food. but IT HAS TO DO WITH CHEMISTRY. I know that any type of food i brought has to do with chemistry, but I want it to be fun. : )
like an idea from last year, a group of people made tons of cupcakes and made a periodic table with them. I want something cool like that!


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If your teacher will allow a hot plate...make rock candy. It does take a few days though. Maybe you could get permission to start it early so everyone's rock candy is ready in time for the party?

This looks gross...but fun.

How about getting alphabet cookie cutters and making a sheet cake (or it may take more than one) and cutting out petite four cakes with the alphabet for the periodic table symbols for the elements? Once you get them all cut, you can make a poured fondant and pour that over them, let them dry and you can decorate each one if you like with flowers, stars, shapes, or those pre-made cake decorating candies, sprinkles, broken candies, etc.

Here's where you can get a recipe for the poured fondant (www.wilton.com). And they sell the alphabet cookie cutters but those should be easy to find in the cake decorating supply stores like Michaels, Walmart, etc.

Or if you don't want to do cake, you could cut out sugar cookies into the symbols too.

Good luck.

dip fruit

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