What are some suggestions for a fun (reasonably priced) double date?!

Question: What are some suggestions for a fun (reasonably priced) double date?
My fiance (age 31) and I (age 30) are going out with his brother and girlfriend (age late 30s) tomorrow 10/08 on a double date.
What are some fun and reasonably priced double date ideas?
We live in Colorado so the temperatures are getting cool but not cold. Looking for something off the beaten path...a unique and fun idea.


Where in Colorado do you live?!

Are you guys into Halloween? Majority of the haunted corn mazes are open and reasonably priced .... something to do after a nice dinner.

what about mini golf? go carts? laser tag?

or go out to dinner and then have a game night at somebodys house with snack and wine/beer?

jazz club?

comedy club?

How about (and I don`t know your area but) a hike or bike ride, followed by going to a pub for a drink. Maybe a cahnge in clothes, then off to a concert, movie or show, followed by dinner

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