Do you like table manners?!

Question: Do you like table manners?

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Yes, I'd say I do. I don't particularly care whether you eat with the appropriate fork or have your elbows on the table, but some things do need managing so as not to gross out the other people who are trying to enjoy their meal. Passing gas, chewing your food with your mouth wide open, spitting out food onto the plate, sucking bones, slurping soup, wiping your mouth with your sleeve, and a number of other actions that I could list if forced to are inconsiderate, distracting, and make the other diners uncomfortable.

I love table manners! While at work in an after school program, the children were eating with their mouths wide open, so I had to tell them to chew with their mouths closed. It was a shocker to see elementary children eat like they didn't have manners!
Also, children should always use their utensils, because I know for sure that some of them don't like washing their hands after they use the restroom. ICKY!

own experience at work today :)

I'm not a prude about it or anything, I eat my greenbeans w/my hands, tomatoes too. but man I can't handle watching someone shovel huge amounts of food in their mouth, cough (especially an icky cough), and especially smack their food. that's such a turnoff.

Everyone could use a little class now & then!

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