Sweet 16 birthday party?!

Question: Sweet 16 birthday party?
Okay, so I'm turning 16, and planning my own party, with my mother's and friend's help. My birthday is in a month, and I thought I should start planning now. It's gonna be at my church, so yes I'm obviously a christian, therefore my party has to be an appropriate party. I'm inviting both guys are girls, my family, and my church family, so it's gonna be a lot of people. I have no idea for a theme. I thought for my colors I would like purple, black, and white, and I like polka dots, but I'm having a hard time trying to find polka dots in those colors. I don't know what to do for food, what am I supposed to serve to so many people at a party, plus how can I get a cake that big. I want music, but idk what's good "party music" and also clean music. And I also want games...it's 13-16 year-olds at the party, but it's also adults there too, not that I expect them to play, but they have to approve of the games. Soo um..pretty much. I have NO IDEA what to do for my party. And I can't spend a lot of money either, which makes it a lot harder. :( I want it to be fun and special, it's my 16th, I only get it once in my life, and I want it to be good for guys and girls. So could yall please help? Themes, games, music, food, and just ideas?! I really need help, thanks! :)


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For food just pick something you like it is your day, but not too extreme. Have a poke a dot cake. Music I would say the stuff you like that you would play at a church, no cussing. Games something fun that everyone could do, with that you can search online a bunch of different game ideas. And make sure you have fun, only turn sixteen once!

as far as decorations: you can make your own. Get some poster board and glitter. cut out polka dots and decorate them with glitter. Food: why not do a pot luck? if you are trying to do the food yourself, I would just do munchies, chips dip, veggie tray fruit tray. Cheese and crackers. You might want to check into getting or borrowing a chocolate fountain. Music, get some christian group cds. Cake, I would make cupcakes.....

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