Mexican or Italian food for a party!?!

Question: Mexican or Italian food for a party!?
We cannot decide.



I want to say Italian, because I'm italian and love italian food, but..
it really depends on what kind of party you're having.
If it's a dinner party, and you're serving meals, then go for Italian all the way.

If it's more of a gathering where you're sitting around, talking, playing games, go for Mexican. Maybe it's a bit cheaper, but it's also easier and quick to snack on. Enjoy!

Italian would be more for a formal type of of party, like with relatives or co-workers

Mexican would be better for a informal party, like with friends and other friendly people

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why dont you do an appetizer of mini meatballs in marinara sauce and then do mini quesadillas.....and for main entree do a nice stuffed shelled pasta and for dessert u can make a nice flan...mix it up it will be fun guests will love it

Why not do both? They are both really god and tastey i would make both. it would not be that hard.
then the guests would have choices what if they do not like one or the other?

mexican if you want cheaper
italian if you want more money but better food

I vote Italian. Mexican is ok, but for me it's Italian.

If you're going to be drinking then Mexican food, if not then Italian.

Italian!! So delicious :)


mexican food, it would probably be cheaper



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