How should i get a lot of people around my neighborhood to buy the cookie dough i'm selling...?!

Question: How should i get a lot of people around my neighborhood to buy the cookie dough i'm selling...?
this week i have to sell cookie doughs for a fundraiser at my school. Is there anyway that i can persuade the friendly people around the neighborhood to buy the cookie dough?
p.s. I'm 13, and too old to try and be sweet.


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Cookie dough is a good seller. Bake some up, hand out samples if you can. Tell them what the fundraiser is for, let them know that this cookie dough is what sells best year after year, remind them how convenient it is especially around the upcoming holidays, let them you know you are their neighbor, dress neat, take a shower, wash your hair, make certain your hands and fingernails are impeccably clean. Speak clearly and efficiently, make eye contact, smile, be courteous and polite. Having a grown up standing at the curb for back up sometimes guilts grown ups into buying, it's much easier to just say no to a kid. It also shows your parents are involved, other parents and grown ups like to see that.

I like Emma's suggestions, but I'd also suggest (especially if you don't want to do the samples) getting some sugar cookie body spray and spritzing the forms you hand to people, or (I assume you're a guy from the icon) taking a girl with you who would wear said body spray. Smell is a powerful tool, and although I've never tried this I bet people who smell cookies will want them!

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