How to throw an awsome house party?!

Question: How to throw an awsome house party?
so heres the scoop ...
in a couple weeks its halloween and my friends telling me to throw a house party and invite a lot of people... i really want to have it i just dont know how to...
alot of people at my school (since im in grade 9) havent really gotten into it yet and i would be like one of the first people to have a party .
im just wondering like what i should do.. how should i set up stuff i should bring .. that kinda thing would be soo helpful ! :) thanks so much !


first, dont do what the above two said. coz you dont wanna light the house of fire and playing a guitar is gay as.

It's Halloween! have fun! go trick-or-treating and dance! you could have a best costume and worst costume game and dance-offs are always fun. have lots of candy to eat incase you dont get a lot while trick or treating and make sure there is heaps of food. instead of getting everyone drunk, go to the shops and buy non-alcoholic drinks. then sit back and watch everyone faking being drunk! its hilarious, trust me!!

make your house or whereever your having it, spooky. hang spiders from the roof, get black balloons and put up lots of curtains, red curtains. have signs going to the toilet saying stuff like "the loo of terror" or something like that. make it look really scary but also like everyone can have a good time!
hope this helps you and good luck!

many previous halloween parties.

Smuggle in lots of liquor and light the couch on fire. Throw the now flaming couch through a window or off a balcony.

basacily is all about the good food and perfect time arranging.
maybe have some time after eating sit with your friends and play a guitar etc

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