Turning 16 in November? (info)?!

Question: Turning 16 in November? (info)?
I'm turning 16 on the 16th of November. I'm having a joint birthday with my friend, he has the same birthday as me and we have the same street and group of friends. :P Our idea was tohave a 2-night party but I doubt that'll happen. I reeeally want to see Harry Potter 7 in 3D and also do something really fun, but have no ideas! We live in edinburgh and I (or him) don't want a house party or excessive drining, if at all.. my f=other friend had no booze whatsoever at his party and it was a blast! :P
I have Lips (like singstar) but I need party ideas.. our group of friends is about 15 boys and 5 girls including me and him.


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harry potter 3D isnt coming out til next year, sorry.

and have an awesome party at one of your houses :D


^^harry potter^^

just get a load of the 'date rape' drug roofies (street name) and have a massive orgy. Cant beat 15 guys on 5 girls :o plenty of holes for all of them ;)

you must be really boring to want to see Harry Potter...
and to have no friends :/
AND no nt WANT to drink... jesus....

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