food making ideas for a party?!

Question: Food making ideas for a party?
I am trying to think of a dish, appetizer, or dessert that I can make for a party that would be cheap to make. It needs to serve about 25 people. Any ideas?


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Try an antipasto platter.…

Different meats, cheeses, crackers, breads, dips, fruits, pickled items etc. A whole bunch of finger food!!! So yummy and it will appeal to everyone.

Different types of fruit cut up, and have a dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and a white fudge chocolate melted down for dipping. Fondu with different types of cheeses melted with beer added and bread to dip in it. Different types of meats cubed and a fry daddy available with hot grease and you cook your own with different dipping sauces.

You could make some cake or probably several pies would be really good and if you don't want to make desert you can make a bunch of hamburgers or steaks and stuff like that have fun at the party and good luck!

oh or you can make tacos:)

chicken wings, little sausages on sticks, pizza, apple pie.

I think ordering pizza will be so much more awesomer. Or chinese food!

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