should you get a cake or cupcakes for 6 year olds?!

Question: Should you get a cake or cupcakes for 6 year olds?

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Cupcakes are easier to serve. However most cupcakes have way to much frosting for most kids. They like the look of it and will take them but most of the frosting will end up on the plate, or your table. So if you are ordering them ask for a light coating of frosting. If you are frosting them yourself go easy. The kids like the stuff on top of the cupcakes, the rings or other plastic do-dads you can buy them at the dollar store and make your own cake decorations.
If you are doing a cake make it easy on yourself and make a 13X9 or order a half sheet cake. It is easier to cut and serve a single layer cake than a multiple layer one. And again the same "warning" about the frosting.

Neither i found mini aluminum loaf pans with lids (Dollar Store 3to a pack.), baked mini loafs i fit about 15 in my oven, then bought frosting seperated them into sandwich bags (i had a small party so i put) 5 white, and the same amount of pastel rainbow colors (for a girl), bought a bunch of sprinkles and let them decorate their own lil cakes. (remember to tie the sandwich bags with twist ties or rubber bands

Either way you can have a mess :) If you serve cake, you have more utensils to wash (forks,serving knife, plates). The mini cupcakes sold in the bakery dept are great. I think cupcakes are fun and cakes are fun too!

I think kids enjoy cupcakes more, but as an adult, I don't. A cake is quicker and easier to fix. Kids are very messy with cupcakes; my daughter's teacher has even asked that cupcakes not be sent as a treat.

Cupcakes--at least you wouldn't have to worry about cutting all the pieces the same size!

General observation

A cake -which you can cut up into small slices or mini cupcakes. They never eat the full amount!

Cupcakes are way cuter anyways.


cake bc you get to make the sizes they receive what you would like

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