Big New years party!!!!!!!?!

Question: Big New years party!!!!!!!?
My friends and I want to throw a huge party for New Years and I know thats kinda far away but we are starting to save up money and get decorations anf things like that we want to rent out something to throw the party in
so is their anything that is common that teenagers rent out? can we rent out one of those hotel rooms (not an actual room) that parents rent out for birthdays and bar/bat mitzvahs?


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You could start by looking in your local phone book yellow pages under banquet facilities. Also, many restaurants have special rooms or sections that can be used for parties, with food provided by the restaurant of course.
One important thing to note: renting out a room like this may require a signed contract and an adult (18 or older) will need to sign it and be responsible for upholding the terms of the contract. You may need to enlist a parent's help with this.

odds are, no one is going to show up!!! GEEKS

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