Would you have an ice cream party outside if the temperature was mid 60's?!

Question: Would you have an ice cream party outside if the temperature was mid 60's?
Just trying to get some opinions. My daughter was an ice cream party and the temps here will probably be in the mid 60'. My family doesn't consider that to be cold, but I know some do. We don't have room at our house to have the party inside.


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you can huddle together to make warmth.And rub agantst eachother. Ha HA got ya!

but really by electric headers to warm the outside if the ice cream melts then put on the invites "bring coat just in case."If you don't like that idea then don't by big ice cream.

i think it's fine... make sure to include on the invitation that they will be outside and to dress accordingly
also maybe have something hot to drink like cider / tea / coffee so if they do get cold, they can warm up that way as well

well, the weather on the day could change, but if she really wants an ice cream party then 60 degrees Farenheit isn't that cold or hot, so go for it.

I personally dont find it cold either however an easy enough way around this to please all is to offer a patio heater. children wont realy care as long as they get ice cream

yeah its not freezing out so its fine

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