What should I have for dinner?!

Question: What should I have for dinner?
Well today I had leek and potato soup. 2 slices of toast with blueberry jam and 4 oatcakes.
What should I have for my dinner?

Feeling lazy today. So should I cook...thinking of cous cous and some sort of quorn thing.....or just eat cereal?


Mix quinoa and avocado together. Eat this with some steamed veggies of your choice. Yum. :)

if you are feeling really lazy, have cereal but top it with fresh fruit. and have some yogurt on the side. that way its healthy, easy and filling :)

qourn is a vegetarian subsitute for meat. cous cous goes really nice with salad and a lemon dressing. I oftn make this during the summer months with a few king prawns :)


Salad or maybe Chinese takeout?

Cereal! is the best honey nut Cheerios

What is quorn?

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