What can I do for my sweet 16th?!

Question: What can I do for my sweet 16th?
I would want something creative like a masquerade or a photoshoot.
Besides the masquerade, I will probably have a couple of friends, nothing big. I could maybe rent a fancy hotel room or something.
It will probably be most if not all girls, but if I do a mixed party, I'll consider something fun like lazer tag or go carts..but thats if I have no other options


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Im having the same problem! :P
I have some ideas but they are kinda expensive :S
1. Rent a Venue(good place for dancing) and hire a DJ. It's a good idea for something big, 50-60 ppl
2.Dinner and a hotel. Invite some(however many you can get enough rooms for!) and go out for a fancy dinner and then to the hotel for games,drinking(if you do that), swimming etc
3. LIMO PARTY. Rent a hummer limo(around 15 ppl can fit) or a limo bus(20-30ppl) and just get them to drive you around. In the bus you can dance, and play games, or in the hummer you can just talk and drink and have fun! It's cool because the limos usually have neon lights and are a lot of fuuun.

ORRR, you can do a mix of bits and pieces from all three for a mega bash!
good luck and Happy Birthday

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if u get a hotel, get one with a pool and or hot tub. make the guys limit at 11 pm let the girls stay over the night. a friend and i went horse back riding for my 16th all depends on what u want to do within the budget... have fun

you can do bowling or ... mini golf but i like the gocarts thing better

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