please comment or add ideas for my birthday party idea?!

Question: Please comment or add ideas for my birthday party idea?
Well I'm having my 14th birthday in the first or second week of November. My idea is to have everyone wear pjs/slippers, but it won't be a sleepover because I'm planning on inviting 15-20 people. Is this a good idea? What are some things we should do?


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1. Have good and a lot of food. ( everyone know's that what people do at party's is eat)
2. drink's (make sure to get what they like)
3. entertainment (be sure to have your guest's happy and content)
4. You prolly shouldn't do the pj's/slipper's thing (doesn't sound very appealing, no offense unless it's like to have a homey enviorment then go for it!)
5. Make everyone feel comfortable and at home (don't let your guest's be mad)

Happy Birthday!!! early or late?

That's a good idea, noone will have to worry about getting all dressed up!(:

- spin the bottle
- 7 minutes in heaven
- baby if you love me - its where they sit on their lap and say "Baby if you love me, won't you please smile?" They can play with that player's hair or whisper in their ear or act loving or anything that will get them to laugh.
- dance offs/contests
- freeze its where everyone dances and when the music stops everyone freezes, if you move your out, last person wins a prize?
- truth or dare
- hide and seek/tag in dark
- limbo
- musical chairs (sounds gay, but actually is fun people end up falling, sittin on other ppls lap)
- prank call

make sure u have
and drinks
and some sweets
and you could put music and dance if u want
or play games

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