can you drink fizzy drinks in space?!

Question: Can you drink fizzy drinks in space?
i know you couldn't out of an ordinary can or bottle but is there a way for the astro/cosmonauts to drink fizz. or does the lack of gravity make the bubble act weird!?


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Sure you can, but it'll be a freakin' mess!
Take a cola for example. Here on Earth, it sits in a glass and it bubbles UP. The carbonation is escaping the liquid 'envelope' that it's in. The bubbles go the nearest exit. That's the top of the glass) If you look closely at the side of the glass you can see tiny bubble just stuck to the side. Tap the glass and they 'release' and move up and out.

If you took that same glass in space, the cola wouldn't stay in the glass for long. Any movements in the glass would make it slosh up and out! Those tiny bubbles are everywhere in the drink. They're going to the nearest exit and assuming that your once, neat glass is not a flying blob of cola, the nearest exit is everywhere. 360 degrees of bubbles coming out left right center.

My advice, tip your glass of fizzy to the space people above because they won't be able to enjoy a soda like you are now. (assuming that you're writing this from Earth)

Good luck!

no because the fizzy drink will not fizz the cause is there is no oxygen to be sucked into the bottle when opened you can drink it but it wont fizz.

Give it a go?

What do you have to lose?


whoa awesome question, i'll jump in a spaceship real quick.

why not

Nahhh..Add me as a contact:D

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