Is le cordon bleu college of culinary arts in Los Angeles a good school?!

Question: Is le cordon bleu college of culinary arts in Los Angeles a good school?
my dream is to go to that school but im not sure if its the best or if there are other culinary schools way better, please help!


Without going to France to study, it is a very good choice. Credentials from this school can open doors for you.

Remember that a chef works in a hot atmosphere and is on his/her feet all day long. That is, until you become an executive chef or owner. But when your help does not show, you have to fill in.

And if you already have a blooming talent for cooking, eating, tasting, then it is for you. But know that a good school can also turn out crappy chefs. I've seen some graduates that can't cook their way out of a paper bag, have no idea what creativity is where I would not eat their prepared food. It's like med school. Doesn't necessarily turn out all students as star surgeons.

But if you have the knack and already love to cook and have people rave about your food you serve them, go for it all the way. Throw away what you already know and let them teach you some amazing techniques. You can spring board from there.

Retired chef. Remember, the best prepared foods are cooked from the heart and not from the head or a book. I never let anyone in my kitchen at home or at the old restaurant if they were angry or sick. It goes into the food and can give family/customers ill feelings. No kidding. That's part of what makes a chef good - love what you do and do what you love.

That depends on what it is you're trying to accomplish. If your goal is to become an exquisite gourmet chef, then Le Cordon Bleu is your only real option in Los Angeles as far as accredited schools go. You will go into debt, but if you're talented, you'll cook that off in a few years!

If you just want to know how to turn an oven on and boil water, oh, and be able to work with people of dubious background and character defects, then LA Trade Tech is an excellent program. For what they are given in the way of funding, they do an excellent job. If they charged 20K a year, they'd tear LCB up!

My husbands friend went there. It is a really good culinary school. I would recommend you work in a kitchen before you spend the money to go there. Some people can't handle the work environment.

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