I need ideas for my sixteenth birthday party?!

Question: I need ideas for my sixteenth birthday party?
I am a sixteen year old girl and my family doesn't have a lot of money. I want to have something fun to do with my friends. Any ideas?


lots of ideas here:

At my oldest sisters birthday every one had a piece of paper and a pen/pencil and draws the shape of a person (not colored in) and writes there name at the top, then one person (not playing the game) asks questions like:

What kind of car do you like?
what are you afraid of?
where would you like to live?
What kind of house do you want?
whats your favorite food?
Whats your favorite sport/activity?
whats your prized possession?
Whats your favorite outfit (drawn on the person)?

But all of the answers must be drawn and after every question you pass your paper to the right. Its really cool seeing all of it come together once you get your paper pack.

Sometimes just talking can be entertaining. But if you own a computer (Well, I think you do), find a few things to do on there. It could also depend on the amount of friends you'll have there, as that's a huge deciding factor.

you could have a slumber party or sleep over, paint nails, movies, stuff like that, or you could go to the mall with a bunch of girls!!

go out to dinner.. like a fun restaruant

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