Cute food ideas for a Princess Tea Party; need answers ASAP please?!

Question: Cute food ideas for a Princess Tea Party; need answers ASAP please?
I'm having a tea party for little girls aged 3-10. I need food ideas-I have multiple desserts but not many food ideas. I was thinking sandwiches, but I'd like something unique as well. Any help is accepted, thanks in advance!


Use a cookie cutter to press out shapes for the bread for the mini sandwiches. For little girls, it's best to keep the menu simple and kid-friendly. Cut sandwiches into charming little heart and flower shapes with cookie cutters. Stick to familiar favorites to please young and often picky palettes, such as peanut butter and jelly, cream cheese and preserves or even grilled cheese. You can also serve traditional tea party favorites, such as scones, cookies and tea cakes, or tiny iced cookies on paper doilies. With very little girls, paper products are more practical than actual china. As most young children don't enjoy hot tea, substitute lemonade or apple juice for beverages.

Create a feminine and easy centerpiece by placing a bouquet of dainty flowers in a tea pot. Place the tea pot bouquet on a doily in the in the center of the table.

Make a decorative place setting with individually wrapped fruit teas, candies, tulle fabric and a single flower. Cut squares of tulle. Place two teabags and a few wrapped candies in the center of the square. Gather up the corners and tie into a little package with a piece of ribbon. Tie a the single flower into the bow. Add a fancy name tag, if you choose.

fairy bread- white bread with butter 100's and thousands sprinkled over.
red jelly- Jelly mixture 10c- $1
watermelon- circles get an ice cream spoon and cut a circular shape into it make at least three to make a Caterpillar.
Biscuit's like crusscutss can be cut with a cookie cutter to make shapes
Be imaginative go wild.
Anything Pretty and colourful should do

really, elaborately designed cupcakes!!! like ones with fondant.
food - you can make finger food like crackers with smoked salmon and cream cheese or bruschetta. try croissant sandwiches, baked breads (scones, muffins, cookies, cake etc), colourful fruit (ones in season) hope i helped :}

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