Is this an appropriate spread of food for my baby shower?!

Question: Is this an appropriate spread of food for my baby shower?
My family is catering my baby shower buffet style. It is at one o'clock so we are having lunch style food. Right now on the menu i have:
Chicken Salad Croissants
Potato Bacon Soup
Fruit Tray
Macaroni Salad
Cucumber/Tomato Salad

Do you think this is enough options to cater to everyone's needs and wants? Any suggestions?
We are on a tight budget!

P.S. We are also having cake and cookies!


That sounds might want to include a bowl of oyster crackers with a scoop in case guests want to add a few crackers to their soup.

And if you want to: adding cheese cubes on the fruit tray because they go together and also can be a bit of an appetizer.

I think its alright, but if you are planning on doing a lunch style buffet at the baby shower instead of finger foods (which is more common at baby showers) then you need a wider variety of foods. Everything you have now sounds good, but just add a few other things.

I would add in chips and dip (perhaps homemade?), cocktail sausage weenies, a variety of finger sandwiches or sandwich slices, a cheese and cracker tray, and a few more deserts (brownies, yogurt parfait, mints, etc.) Don't forget the drinks either! Punch is traditional but you can also have water and soda.

Yeah! You can also serve those little soft mints, and peanuts/mixed nuts too. For a drink, you can mix punch and ice cream together and have it either pink or blue (or purple if they're having fraternal twins lol). It can be like an added dessert.

Sounds good to me. Maybe add some chips and dip or a cheese and cracker tray as well.

Add some of pasta's on your menu.

nah, i really think thats more then enough as long as you have some sort of drinks :)

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