Picnic and first date... what should i bring?!

Question: Picnic and first date... what should i bring?
I am meeting this guy I met online and we have been talking for a while and talking on the phone. He will be driving to me (30 mins away) and I decided to have a lil picnic where we are out in the open. I am not sure what to bring he said don't cook or go out my way just keep it simple. I am thinking grapes, maybe cheese slices/crackers, I really don't know..any suggestions for snack/drink.


Grapes, cheese and crackers sound good. Try chicken salad in pita pockets. And...mace. You can never be too careful =)

Cheese/ crackers and grapes great idea!! Cucumber sandwiches! Homemade Chex Mix..just simple snack foods would be great.

Chocolate strawberries!!

Be careful, sounds fishy. Met oline. Driving you 30 miles away and telling you to keep things simple.

I'd go with grapes.
Sandwiches cut in fours, maybe ham and cheese or chicken salad sandwiches.
Cheese and crackers sound good too.

i have a couple ideas:


well maybe that's not a couple of ideas but hope it helps

Fruit/Vegetable platter, with some cold pasta?

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