Pizza Hut or Dominoes ?!

Question: Pizza Hut or Dominoes ?
It's hard to choose help! D;


Definitely Pizza Hut!
And what's up with Dominoes admitting they suck? It just worsened their reputation for people who didn't know that they suck. Also, their new recipe is just as lame. I haven't had Dominoes in years, but I remember that it was better than when I got it last time after they started to 'try to get better'.

All the way Pizza Hut!Man Dominoes always has VERY FLOURY Crust and it doesn't taste good at all!If your really hungry go to pizza hut and get the ten dollar pizza deal any toppings,any kind of pizza,nd any kind of crust!Its really yummy,for a decent price=]!


one of lifes hardest decisions lol ummm
welll pizza hut has more salt in there pizzas but theres a bigger and are saucerer which is awsome
Dominos has more fat but and are smaller but there meatlovers is alot better
there both good aye but i wud have to go with...... pizza hut

get jalapeno's, pineapples and sausages!! that is a combo that would make my mouth water anyday, i'd pay anything for that pizza too! their crust is so good

Yo, listen up real close and real tight. The best is Cams... It's soooo gooood :-P and my taste buds

PIZZA HUT!!! choose hawaiin pizza (my favourite because it has ham) or meatlovers if your not vegetarian

i prefer pizza hut, its generous cheese toppings with very crispy crust makes my mouth water. dominoes have been given a lot of bad reputation i suppose

Dominoes. :D
Their pizza has less fat and whatnot. and its yummy. :)

Pizza Hut, but I haven't tried Dominoes since they changed their recipe.

I like the pizzas from Dominos, but they're expensive.

dominoes thin crust. jalapenos, tomatoes, chicken.

i work for pizza hut so i gotta go with them. plus ive never had dominos before.

Pizza Hut

Piza hut

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