good ideas for a kids party?!

Question: Good ideas for a kids party?
my son is turning 7 in april and i want to take him somewhere fun, that would be good for a large group of kids (he wants to invite his whole first grade class) any suggestions? thanks!


i'm not sure if you have one around you but either chuckie cheese or bounce it out are both great places for a kids party! chuckie cheese has a lot of games and prizes for the kids, and bounce it out is a whole bunch of blow up bouncy houses! also i'm not sure where you live but if theres some sort of museum like in rochester we have strong national museum of play and the rochester museum and science center so if you have anything like that where you live! my brother went to a party at the rmsc recently and loved it and his birthday party is going to be at bounce it out next month. if you don't want to do something like that you could always rent a lodge and fill up some water balloons or get some games or something, its probably a lot cheaper, but also requires more supervision probably since at the places i mentioned earlier they have people running the party for you. hope this helps!! :)

Does he like to play a sports?

If he plays soccer, you could do a soccer party. Divide everyone up into two teams. You could have two different color t-shirts made up for the party (one color for each team) to wear at the party, and that is also their favor.

Have everyone play on the field at the same time. Just sort of a soccer free-for-all. Finish it off with a soccer themed cake.

Have fun!

well congrats,mines 9,and just about anything amuses him,but I think plan a party at the park with goody bags full of cheap little toys,and candy will be good,and plan on some games to play.

a roller skating's like watching them break good pictures will come out of this one, and you can skate too..your welcome..

Chuck e chesses! :D or a an arcade.

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