Please help me fill out my application.................?!

Question: Please help me fill out my application.................?
Hiya Im filling out a application form,that is asking---
'what is your favourite meal and why?' and
'whats your most embarrasing moment'
Can anyone help or tell me what their actually askin?


Is this a job application? If so they are looking for a creative answer most likely and you need to think of something that stands out. Try and right something genuine that will make them laugh. get creative. try and stand out.

If it's not a job application then what is it?

how are we supposed to know what your favorite food is or most embarrassing moment? that's a highly personal question only you can answer, not a bunch of complete strangers.

just think of a food or meal that tastes good, makes you happy, or brings back good memories. everyone has had something embarrassing happen to them.

What are you applying for that's asking these questions?!

they are asking what your favorite meal is and about your most embarrassing moment

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