Anybody of a good punch to serve at a bus party?!

Question: Anybody of a good punch to serve at a bus party?
I would like to fill the whole big orange cooler punch dispenser. I want somthing strong enough to get people buzzed butnot too strong to where they get too drunk. It's a party of 35 people. Age range from 25-30.

I was thinking of making Jungle Juice but how much would that cost?

I was looking online at the new Smirnoff ready made drinks such as pomegranate, mojito, or cosmo. Would this be a good buy?

Also saw the Bacardi ready made drinks would that be a good buy? Or would that be a waste and I think it can be costly to fill the whole container.


NOTE: Buying the premade drinks from Bacardi as well as Top Shelf (Name Brand) alcohol will cost you more. Here's a few examples of inexpensive ideas of punches/beverages you could make on your own...give'em some fun names too like:

"Sassy & Sexy Sangria"
-4 bottles of red wine (premade sangria is great but you can use Rose', Zinfandel, Merlot, Burgundy)
-1 large can of pineapple juice
-1 large bottle of apple juice
-Fresh fruit slices: oranges, apples, pineapple, lemons & limes (put some of the fruit directly into the cooler and then use the rest in the glass/party cup with ice and then add in your sangria).

"Calamity Jane's Carribean Cooler"
-4 large bottles of Ocean Spray Cranberry juice
-2 cans of Kerns Guava Juice
-1 large can of pineapple juice
-2 bottles of Malibu Rum (the white bottle with the palm tree on the front)
(Serve with ice)

-"Texas Porch Sipper"
4 cans of frozen lemonade concentrate (yellow not pink lemonade)
-Water (read the directions for the ratio of cans of water per cans of concentrate)
Slice of lemons & limes
1-2 bottles of Tanquery gin or equivalent
1 pint of simple syrup (if necessary)

"To Kill Ya Sunrise, Sunset & Sundown"
-4 Quarts Orange Juice
-1 Bottle of Tequila
-1/2 bottle of Grenadine Syrup
-1/2 bottle of Bacardi Rum (clear not dark)

I'm personal chef/event planner.

Jungle juice is the potluck of punches...and requires that people all bring a bottle of "neutral" spriits to the party (peppermint schnapps toting morons will be scorned). But it is VERY strong and must be diluted with lots of juice. If you would like to keep it low on alcohol, use wine instead of alcohol. Wine mixes nice with cranberry juice and white grape juice very nicely. Tip: Freeze gallon ziplock bags full of punch the night before, and add them to the cooler after the punch is will dilute it.

I am a common-sewer of alcoholic beverages.

I would buy three bottles of vodka or white rum and top it up with club soda, fresh cut oranges and apples and 500mls of raspberry juice

Ready made drinks are a rip off and don't taste good. You can't go wrong with vodka, cranberry juice and lime juice.

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